Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama and National Security

On Christmas Day, we had another “man caused disaster” when a Muslim fanatic tried to blow up a plane full of infidels heading for America. I’ll bet you thought it was a terrorist attack.

For three days after the attempted bomb attack, President Obama said nothing. When he finally did speak, the first thing he said was that the bombing attempt was an isolated incident. Now we know that the perpetrator had affiliations with Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack. We also now know that Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical American-born Yemeni cleric, was in contact with both the Christmas Day bomber and the Fort Hood killer! And yet the President’s initial statement was that the bombing attempt was an isolated incident. How could the President of the United States be so clueless? The fact that the President would make such a statement without any reason to think it is true, even though he has now backtracked on it, speaks volumes about his naivety on national security.

After the bombing attempt, Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, said that “the system had worked”. She is also now backtracking on that. But again, you wonder how someone could make such a statement regarding an actual bombing attempt.

One year into the Obama administration, there have been two terrorist attacks on the U.S.: The Fort Hood attack that killed fourteen people and injured twenty-three others, and the Christmas Day attempt that came close to killing three hundred people.

Keep in mind that in Obama’s world, there is no such thing as a “global war on terror”, but rather there are “overseas contingency operations”. And his Secretary of Homeland Security won’t speak of terrorist attacks; instead, she calls them “man caused disasters”.

The Fort Hood massacre happened even though the perpetrator, an Army psychologist, had raised the concern of his superiors, peers, and patients about his oft expressed radical anti-American views. He tried to convert his patients to Islam. He gave a lecture to the medical staff about jihad. Yes, here was an Army officer openly spouting off anti-American venom over many months, and nothing was done about it.  The U.S. has become so lax on terrorism and national security that a Muslim radical was able to infiltrate the U.S. military and go on a killing rampage on a military base, in spite of his known extremist views!   Astonishing.

The Christmas bombing attempt happened even though the perpetrator’s father went to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria twice to warn them about his son’s radical views and his desire to try to do something against the U.S. Yes, we were warned by his father, and it turns out that there is also a corroborating “paper trail” of his terrorist associations.

Think about the radical regime in Iran getting ready to nuke-up, and their threat to “wipe Israel off the map”, among other nasty things. There is every reason to believe that Iran will use the nuclear bomb if it gets it. Don’t forget about those missiles they are also developing. What is Obama’s response here? To cancel a missile defense system in Europe, and to threaten to “sanction” Iran. I’m sure the mullahs in Iran are quaking in their boots when Obama says he’s going to sanction them. That’ll show them that we are serious. That’ll let them know that they better not mess with us.

Think about North Korea, which already or soon will have nuclear weapons and is now also developing missiles with which to  send them around the world. Here is a regime that is so corrupt that it’s ordinary citizens are literally starving in the street so that the government can have all the money to develop nuclear weapons. What is Obama’s response? To send the evil North Korean dictator a personal letter begging him to talk to us about nuclear weapons.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has decided to treat one of the 9-11 masterminds being held in Guantanamo as a common criminal rather than an enemy combatant.. Mr. Holder intends to bring him right to New York City, only blocks from ground zero, to have a jury trial in civilian courts. Think about what kind of message this sends to other terrorists: Attack the U.S. and murder thousand of our innocent civilians, and we’ll handle you with kid gloves. When asked if he had consulted with the President before making this supremely important decision, Mr. Holder said no, but he had consulted with his wife and his brother! Let me make sure I understand this. Mr. Holder wants to give Constitutional rights to a 9-11 terrorist, give him a trial by a jury of his peers , bring him to New York City for the trial, give him a national stage to spew out violent, hate-filled rhetoric, but in his decision making process, Mr. Holder did not consult with the President, the Secretary of Homeland Security, anyone in the courts or Department of Justice, anyone in Congress, anyone in the military, the Mayor of New York City, the Governor of New York, or anyone else in the government, but he did consult with his wife and brother. This is incompetence beyond comprehension, and it is extremely dangerous with regards to national security.

The Obama administration wants to treat the Christmas bomber the same way. By so doing, Obama is sending another message to potential terrorists: If you attempt to blow up a plane and kill three hundred people over one of our cities, the first thing the U.S. government will do is read you your rights and give you a lawyer.

Obama is now, several days after the event, telling us that the Christmas bombing attempt was a “catastrophic breach” of security. Really.  How long did it take him to figure that out?

The response of the Obama administration to this catastrophic security breach is not to start an all-out military program to find radical Muslim anti-American terrorist wherever they are hiding in the world, and root them out before they are able to strike us. The response of the Obama administration is to talk about “connecting the dots” and to subject everyone in America, including grandmothers and children, to ever more intrusive and time-consuming searches before getting on an airplane. Never mind that every terrorist attack and attempt has come from a radical Muslim extremist. But we don’t dare target them; people in Asia or Europe or somewhere might not like it. Rather, we waste our effort on the 99.999% who pose no threat whatsoever.

If all of this sounds like insanity to you, you’re right. Here’s what you do about it. Start a special bank savings account, and put a few bucks into it every payday between now and November, 2012.  Then donate that money to the campaign of whoever runs against Obama.


Jessee Ring

Jan. 5, 2010



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