Friday, June 17, 2011

Palin Derangement Syndrome

She’s baaaack!

The effect that Sarah Palin continues to have on liberals and the media elites is astonishing. They are obsessed with her. They are moths drawn to light; they can’t help themselves from following her around even though they detest her. It’s worse than that. It’s gotten to the point of being psychotic, as though they are possessed by some demon that forces them to do irrational and downright foolish things. I have a vision of them rolling on the floor, sputtering: “Puh --- puh --- puh ---- Palinnnnnnnnnnn, why dost thou torment us?” Sarah stretches out her arm in that signature wave of hers and says, “Media, get thee behind me.”

Mrs. Palin has been on a bus tour recently. As of this writing, she has not announced that she is running for office, but she is drawing huge crowds everywhere. And the media has flipped out.

Palin’s aides have refused to publish the tour’s itinerary, forcing anyone trying to cover it to engage in a Keystone Cops routine of chasing her bus down the freeway in order to be there when she gets out and says something. At one point, fifty (yes, fifty) reporters pressed her unsuccessfully for details of future stops. Mrs. Palin said she didn’t think she owed anything to the media. That’s putting it diplomatically, considering the despicable manner in which the media has treated her and her family for the last three years.

Sarah has now completely turned the tables and is actually playing with them. The bus tour circus may have reached its apogee in Gettysburg when Mrs. Palin used the tour bus as a decoy to lure a bunch of reporters to the back door of her hotel while she went quietly out of another entrance to visit the battlefield. The bus, meanwhile, was driving around in circles, followed by a caravan of reporters and others. Eventually, Sarah did get on the bus and headed for Dillsburg with media vehicles in hot pursuit. As she neared Philadelphia, the media caravan still following, a couple of local news helicopters flew overhead to film the spectacle.

This is from the very same media which called her an idiot, stupid, ignorant, a yahoo, etc. If any of that is true, why do they care where she goes or what she says?

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir made a complete fool of himself recently when he told viewers that Palin’s bus tour is illegal because the bus has American flags painted on it! He really said that, on national TV. You see, there is some federal law that says the U.S. flag can’t be used in advertising, or something like that. No more Fourth of July fireworks sales, I guess. According to Mr. Bashir’s logic, the flag will also have to banned from all political rallies from now on since they raise money at those events.

That’s what seeing Saran Palin riding around in a bus painted with images of the Stars and Stripes does to the media elites; they turn into blithering idiots.

There’s more. On, Kasie Hunt published a piece that lambastes Palin and her bus tour because the two SUV’s Palin uses locally, get ready , “--- flew right past a flashing sign informing them they were going 45 in a 35 mph zone.” That’s right, the bus tour is a rolling menace. According to the Politico, it’s horrors include speeding; making sudden lane changes; not giving turn signals; almost hitting a biker; running stop lights; creating traffic jams. Strangely enough, amidst all of this hell on wheels from Mrs. Palin’s bus tour, the police have issued no tickets.

Chris Matthews in his June 2 “Hardball” show on MSNBC (Why are so many of these nut cases on MSNBC?) said that Sarah Palin is the most divisive figure since Abraham Lincoln “caused” the Civil War. Matthews fulminated that “Sarah Palin went right into New Hampshire, serving as a human grenade -----.” This is “Palin Derangement Syndrome” on full display.

Here’s how good Sarah Palin has become at this political game. One hour before Mitt Romney made his official announcement, in New Hampshire, that he was running for President, Sarah Palin was in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts criticizing Romneycare, one of Romney’s signature achievements as governor of that state. Then Saran Barracuda, the Pit Bull with lipstick, “went right into New Hampshire”, as Matthews put it, to annihilate Romney’s big announcement. And she isn’t even running.

There was a large article by Kimberly Strassel in the June 3 edition of the Wall Street Journal on Sarah Palin. Ms. Strassel goes on at length about how Mrs. Palin has not taken advantage of the time since 2008 to “redefine herself”. She hasn’t boned up on the issues; she hasn’t educated herself; she hasn’t built a “brilliant” team; she hasn’t accomplished anything (never mind that million seller book and TV series).

They’re talking about Palin on ABC, where Good Morning America correspondent John Berman dismissed her bus tour as a “magical mystery bus”, and went on to say she makes Romney appear as a “more safe, a more secure, a more reasonable candidate”. Let’s see, now, was that before or after she blew up his announcement?

She ate pizza with The Donald. She went to a clambake in New Hampshire. Who knows where she will pop up next? It’s all so terrifying! No one is safe! Aughhhhhhhh!

Here’s what we learn from all of this. Either the liberal media is deranged when it comes to Sarah Palin, or they discern something in her that they see as a serious threat to their anointed candidates.


  1. I think Mrs. Palin needs a bit more seasoning before running for President, although, she has a ton more experience than the dolt in office now.

  2. I don't think she's going to run; she's having too much fun doing her thing right now. But it is amusing to watch the liberals makes fools of themselves over her.