Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Environmental Dishonesty

Recent news headlines: “As sea levels increase more rapidly, new report cites global warming”.

This news article talks about how the ice of Greenland and the Arctic is melting faster than expected, sea levels will rise more than previously projected, Florida will be under water, New York City subways will be flooded, etc. according to a report from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, the scientific arm of the eight nation Arctic Council. At the very end of the news article, in the very last sentence, we see this: “The melting of Arctic glaciers and ice caps, including Greenland’s massive ice sheet, is projected to help raise global sea levels by 35 to 63inches by 2100, the report said, although it noted that estimate is highly uncertain.”

Did you catch the “highly uncertain” part of that? Even the global warming wackos, in order to try to maintain some modicum of honesty, are forced to admit that their projections of doom are “highly uncertain”, but they bury this admission at the very end of the article after big headlines and the body of the article portray it all as established fact.

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