Monday, November 8, 2010

Shut up and Listen

President Obama and other Democrat leaders have concluded that the reason they got their clock cleaned in the election is not because the people rejected their policies, but rather because the Democrats communicated poorly on those policies. People just didn't understand how wonderful the policies were. No, it wasn't the policies; it was the message. Now the Democrats plan to continue full speed ahead, but do a better job of explaining things.

Let me translate this for you. Obama and Pelosi and Reid think that all you local yokels out therein in "fly over land" are too stupid to be able to run your own life, so they have to do it for you. And since you hayseeds are so stupid, you also can't understand why their policies are good for you. You're just too dumb to be able to fathom it all.

Now the Democrats are going to do things differently. Henceforth, they will explain things to you on a first grade level so you can, hopefully, understand, and then you will support them and their policies. In addition, once you have been properly explained to, you will no doubt see Obama-Pelosi-Reid as the just and righteous rulers that they actually are. Your job is to shut and listen, and then vote for them.

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