Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Is A Situation Where Taxes Stay The Same Actually A Cut

There is a furious debate going on in Washington now about whether or not to extend the so-called Bush tax cuts beyond their scheduled expiration date of Dec. 31.

There are three possible outcomes from this debate:

Scenario #1. Outcome: Congress does nothing. Effect: Everyone's taxes go up due to the expiration of the lower rates

Scenario #2. Outcome: Congress extends all the current tax rates. Effect: Everyone's taxes stay the same.

Scenario #3. Outcome: Congress extends some of the current tax rates, but not others. Effect: Some people's taxes stay the same, and other people see a tax increase.

In no case is anyone going to get a tax cut. Let me repeat: No one, come January, will pay less tax than they now are.

So why are Republicans letting the left-wing liberals frame this debate as one of whether or not the "rich" should get a tax cut? This is incredible ineptitude on the part of the Republicans. Why do they always let the liberals set the rules for the debate, on everything. Don't the Republicans get the meaning of the last election? Apparently not, so I will tell them: We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of Washington. We want some new blood in there that will fight, fight, fight for America's first principles. We didn't send you there to join the club; we sent you there to kick butt and take names.

So, Republicans, don't debate phantom tax cuts for the rich. Instead, nail the liberal's pants to the wall by showing how they think that they own all of the people's money. Show how the left wing liberals think that when they deign not to raise our taxes, they have actually given us a tax cut. Expose the libs for what they are: arrogant, egocentric, condescending elitists who think that they are our rulers. Go after them!!

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