Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bloated Government In Washington Gets Even Bigger

Unemployment is stuck at 9 to 10%, and real unemployment (including those who have given up on finding a job) is more like 18%. Meanwhile, 200,000 bureaucrats have been added to the Federal Government in the last two years since Obama took office. Yes, not only have there been no cuts in the size of the Federal government during the financial crisis with the government running trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, but 200,000 bureaucrats have been added!

Now Obama has taken to talking about how we must all live within our means. He wasn't concerned about Washington living within its means while running up a $14 trillion national debt, but now suddenly he is so concerned.

Let me translate. When Obama says "we" must live within our means, he means "you". He has no intention whatsoever of cutting the bloated Federal bureaucracy. What he is really saying is that you need to cut your family budget and corporate payroll (i.e., jobs) even more and send additional money to Washington to save the bureaucrats' jobs.

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  1. Exactly! Talk about a broken record! On every level, that describes his administration!