Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Uncivilized Behavior From The Left Wing Liberals

Do you remember the left wing liberals preaching about how we need to initiate a new era of civility in political discourse a short while ago? I guess liberal groups weren’t listening.

The libertarian-leaning Koch brothers (Charles and David) are industrialists. They host an annual weekend seminar, or retreat, that is attended by a couple of hundred leading conservatives and that has big name conservative guest speakers. This year at the event, about a thousand liberal activists protested, waving banners and signs with slogans such as “Quarantine the Kochs” and “Koch kills”. Greenpeace hired a blimp with pictures of the Kochs and the words “Dirty Kochs”. The Center for American Progress mobilized. Common Cause held a panel. These are all left-wing liberal groups. The thing that had them so lathered was a group of conservatives who had the temerity to get together and talk.

The bald hypocicy of left wing liberals as illustrated by these bulling tactics of some of their premier groups is stunning. But you can’t blame all liberals for the actions of a few, you say. After recently barking about Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, talk radio, Fox News, etc., etc., etc., have you heard just one prominent liberal condemn these uncivil, threatening actions by well-known liberal groups? Not -- a --- word.

Ghandi said that the way to fight injustice is to bring it out in the open for all to see. We are seeing over and over the intolerance and pure hatred of the left for conservatives. The outrageous actions of these left-wing groups at the Koch event and the silence of most other liberals afterwards leaves no doubt about their true nature.

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