Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jessee Ring's Closing Statement At The Debate - 4/27/10

==> Thank you all for coming out to hear us tonight.
==> You’re aware of the stream of bad policies coming out of Washington the past few months that most people opposed.
==> But this is America, and we are Virginians. We Virginians know how to deal with an oppressive government: Sic Semper Tyrannis.
==> I am firmly convinced that we will not win in November by engaging in “politics as usual”. People are fed up with the Washington shenanigans, the political maneuvering, and all of that.
==> I am the kind of candidate that the incumbent fears the most, and I can win in November.
o I am not a career politician.
o I am a staunch conservative and a constitutionalist.
o I am a Ninth District native-son with deep Southwest Virginia roots. My father and grandfather were coal miners inVirginia and West Virginia.
o Plus, I have world-wide experiences.
==> But most of all, I am a new face with fresh perspectives.
==> I was the first to declare my candidacy.
==> I was the first to issue a call for a debate, which led to us being here tonight.
==> I was the first to issue a legislative plan of action with my “5 in 10” commitment.
==> I was the first to go through coal country seeing coal operations first-hand and leaning more about that.
==> I was the first to visit a free health care clinic in the Ninth District.
==> I was the only candidate to attend the energy conference at UVA Wise last week.
==> And I am the only candidate who has been doing the grass roots work of the Republican Party of Virginia for years right here in the 9th. District!
==> I have taken the initiative in this campaign and I will continue to take the initiative in Washington.
==> When I get to Washington, I will answer to you the people, not the political bosses. I don’t have to worry about doing what’s right for my political career, because that’s not why I will be there. I will do what’s best for you the people and the country.
==> Thank you, my name is Jessee Ring, and I ask for your support.

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