Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 30 - Call For Fundraising Solidarity After May 22

During the race for this Ninth District nomination, one issue has taken on great importance for the party, and it is one recognized by all the candidates: fundraising. The nominee on May 22nd will need the largest campaign war chest possible.

All six of the candidates have already taken a pledge to support the nominee after May 22 in the general election no matter which one of us gets that nomination. On Thursday, April 29th at the Washington Country meeting, I called for that support to include fund raising efforts on behalf of the party’s nominee by the former candidates.

In a nutshell, I requested that each candidate make a second pledge of support for the nominee, no matter who he is. That second pledge has two parts.

First, each candidate should pledge to find a legal way to get whatever money they have left over from this part of the campaign to the nominee’s campaign for use in the general election running up to November.

Secondly, each candidate should pledge to use their full fund raising resources, time, energy, and effort after May 22 until Nov.2 for the nominee’s campaign.

By making this pledge and following through on it, we will ensure that our candidate, no matter who he is, will have the largest war chest possible to use in defeating Rick Boucher and winning in November.

April 30, 2010
Jessee Ring
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