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Strong Republican - Strong Southwest Virginian

May 8, 2010
Hello All,

I am taking this opportunity to detail my activities and involvement with the Republican Party of Virginia, since this topic has come up. I think it is a legitimate question to ask of the candidates.

I have been doing the grass roots work of the Republican Party of Virginia for years. I have stuffed envelopes, made phone calls, gone door to door, manned Pulaski headquarters, put up signs, held a "meet the candidate" event in my home for a local candidate, gone to various other candidate events, etc.

I have attended Pulaski County committee meetings, Ninth District committee meetings, the last Ninth District convention, RPV state conventions, RPV annual Advance meetings, the Ninth District Gala last year and this year, RPV Galas, and the RPV Victory dinner in Richmond last August. I was on Chairman Pat Mullins’ and John Hager's Chairman's Advisory Committee. In 2008, I was a Delegate-at-large from Virginia to the Republican National Committee. I have contributed financially to RPV and to various local and state candidates.

I campaigned for Bill Carico when he ran for the Ninth District seat in 2006.

I was heavily involved in the Gilmore campaign for U.S. Senate. I supported him financially and conferred with him on energy issues and how to run on that, as well as doing the grass roots part.

I campaigned extensively for McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli. I attended McDonnell’s campaign kick-off in Richmond and his inauguration in January, so I was there from the beginning to the end of this campaign and everything in between.

I held a “meet the candidate” event for Dave Nutter at my home during the last election, put signs in my yard, and went door-to-door. I also supported his campaign financially.

In the last election, I went door-to-door in my home town of Narrows with Annie B., introducing her to folks there, and I went to some of her campaign events and supported her campaign financially.

I campaigned for our local Pulaski County candidates the last time, and supported them financially.

In addition, my wife has been very active in the Virginia Federation of Republican Women (VFRW) and National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). She was President of the Pulaski County chapter until she had to resign in order to actively campaign for me. She attended the VFRW state convention in Roanoke recently, and I went there to be with her for their Saturday night banquet.

I have collected numerous pictures of me with various Republicans from all of these events I have attended. You can see them in an album on FaceBook (, and they will soon be on my website.

If anyone has any questions in this area, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Jessee Ring
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