Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is This The U.S. Congress Or Romper Room

You will go a long way toward understanding why the country is in the dismal conditions it is when you contemplate the latest news coming out of Washington: Congressmen are all in a dither about who they will sit beside during the President’s State of the Union Address.

Yes, the big news surrounding the State of the Union address is not so much what the President will or will not say; the news is about the various “play dates” Senators and Representatives are setting up with each other.

Yes, this is all big news. The New York Times ran a long article on it, calling it a “Congressional Mixer”. The sub-headlines were, “Asking lawmakers to arrange their seating to promote mingling.” “It has made for some pressure, perhaps even some sweaty palms, in finding an available partner.”

“Mary from Louisiana asked Olympia from Maine because they are both BFF’s. Kirsten from New York went the Sadie Hawkins route and asked John from South Dakota, and thus the deal between two members of the Senate with seriously good hair was sealed.” And more about Senator Schumer planning to sit with Senator Coburn, and others.

Really. This is what our national lawmakers are devoting their time and energy to in these trying times? They’re busy lining up play dates? Is this the U.S. Congress or playtime in kindergarten? Maybe instead of calling it the Capitol, we should rename it Romper Room.

This is childish beyond belief, and a national embarrassment.

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