Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whose Playing Politics?

Associated Press headline on Jan. 4, 2011: "Obama exhorts Republicans to put politics aside."

Obama wants Republicans to put politics aside, but not Democrats? I guess the Democrats haven't engaged in anything so crass as "politics" during the last two years. It wasn't "politics" when the Democrats "deemed" the Obamacare bill to be passed rather than actually voting on it. It wasn't "politics" when the Democrats kept Congress in session into Christmas Eve. It wasn't politics on the part of the Democrats when they passed the stimulus without one Republican vote in the House. It wasn't "politics" when David Letterman (don't anyone try to tell me he's a Republican) joked on national TV about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter possibly being being raped during a trip to New York. It wasn't "politics" when Democrat Nancy Pelosi said the tea partiers were akin to Naxis. Etc., etc., etc. No, none of that stuff we've seen spewing out of the Democrats in Washington for the last two years was "politics". But now that the Republicans are in control of the House and they have more votes in the Senate, Mr. Obama suddenly is concerned about "politics" in Washington. Obama wants the Republicans, but not the Democrats, to refrain from engaging in "politics".

I'm breathless.

Since the Democrats are exempted from Mr. Obama's moral clarion call for a cease to "politics", Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz felt free to say recently that Republicans want Americans to die, as evidenced by the Republicans' push to repeal Obamacare.

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