Monday, January 3, 2011

Tom Perriello Exposes The Liberal Mindset

Tom Perriello is a liberal Democrat who was turned out of office in Virginia's 5th. Congressional in the last election and replaced by Republican Robert Hurt. In a recent interview, Mr. Perriello acknowledged that he lost the election because of his votes for the stimulus, Obamacare, cap and trade, bank bailouts, auto company bailouts, trillions of deficit spending of all sort, etc. He also said that the country needs more people like him who are willing to vote contrary to public sentiment, even if it means not getting re-elected.

Former Congressman Perriello has just given us a starkly clear picture of the elitist liberal mindset. They believe that they are rulers, not representatives; that they know better than we what is good for us; and that the country would be better off if there were more people in Congress who were willing to ram their socialist agenda down the people's collective throat.

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